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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 5 months ago
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We often look for red flags in others while not even allowing the notion of having them ourselves. What? No, I am perfect. How can I have such issues? The answer to this question lies in this quiz. And you may have a healthy balanced psyche, but you can also deal with traumas and their consequences without knowing so. So, would you dare to take this quiz to find out what red flag you are? If you are afraid of learning some negative sides of your character, it’s the best time to bail out right now. 

What Is the Red Flag Quiz

   Mainly, red flags are talked about in terms of romantic relationships. If somebody has negative sides that would be damaging to their partner, it’s a red flag. At least, this is the side that gets mentioned the most. In general terms, it’s a sign of danger. Thus, it can be used widely when talking to a person. Romantic relationships are not an obligatory aspect. You may just be a danger to society, your friends, your family, and yourself.
Often, destructive behavior turns on its master. Thus, it’s important to reveal our red flag early on so you can work on it in therapy or other ways. A red flag may be severe or mild! No red flag is like another. However, the one thing that unites them is the destructive nature of the relationship. People around you will be miserable upon continuing to hang out with you. Overall, you may live happily with your red flags, especially if they target innocent people around and use them for your benefit. But this is a bit inhumane, don’t you think? There are those common red flags in a relationship that people know to look for: 
However, there are many other red flags that people do not consider. Or they put them in the “mild” category and perceive them as normal behavior.
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How to Deal with Red Flags 

When dealing with a person with red flags, communication and boundaries are the first things to implement. However, when it’s you and your red flags, the first step is to recognize your failings. No kind of therapy can be effectively done on an unwilling subject:
  1. Take this red flag quiz to recognize your issues.
  2. Analyze your behavior in order to accept the truth.
  3. Get professional help. 
Communicating with your family can become another step in the process, but it does not apply to everyone and all families. I’d say that therapy and professional help is the most critical step in the process, but, alas, I must admit that recognizing your red flag is even more important upon further consideration.   

Test Your Red Flag Quiz! Questions

red flag test Are you an emotional person?
  • yes

  • no

red flag test Do you always get what you want?
  • yes, always

  • most of the time

  • no, I rarely get what I want

red flag test Who are you closer to: your mother or father?
  • mother

  • father

  • neither

red flag test Are you good at psychology?
  • actually yes

  • I'd say decent

  • no, not really

red flag test When you feel bad, do you need others to feel bad around you too?
  • yes

  • no

red flag test Are you a grounded person generally?
  • yes

  • not really

  • no way! the opposite

red flag test When facing a hard decision, what do you do?
  • just make one impulsively

  • ask for a reputable advice

  • I can't make a decision!

  • think about all the aspects thoroughly

red flag test Describe your current relationship.
  • non-existent

  • complicated

  • destructive

  • loving

  • boring

red flag test Are you a generally aggressive person?
  • yes

  • maybe just a bit?

  • no

red flag quiz Are you a jealous person?
  • just a bit

  • generally, yes 

  • not at all 

red flag test Do you need to always win in an argument?
  • yes

  • no

red flag quiz Do you think you might have “relationship addiction?”
  • yes, I definitely do 

  • nah, that's definitely not me

  • I'm not sure

  • what is that? 

red flag Do you take drugs?
  • only weed on occasion 

  • certain pills 

  • yes, I do it all (mostly) 

red flag Have you ever used gaslighting tactics?
  • yes

  • no

red flag Are you open to discussing relationship issues?
  • generally, yes

  • only with the closest family/friends

  • no, I'm not comfortable

red flag test Your childhood was
  • happy

  • complicated

  • miserable

red flag test How long was your longest relationship?
  • over a year

  • just a bit under a year

  • around half a year

  • no more than a couple of months

red flag test How often do you call your parents these days?
  • they usually call

  • I call them several times a week/almost every day

  • once a week or so

  • rarely

red flag If your partner doesn’t like horror movies, but you LOVE them, would you push to watch one together?
  • yes

  • no 

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