Rice Purity Test: How Naughty Are You Really?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 9 months ago
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Have you ever…..

Have you ever heard about the Rice Purity test? It is a cool quiz meant to determine how pure and spoilt you are. And that is a question that interests us all! By answering simple "yes or no" to these "have you ever" questions, you come out either super bad, an average youngster, or a heavenly angel, even if you haven't done anything angelic as of yet!

So, do you have any predictions on who you'll turn out to be?

Purity History

A test of this kind has such a strange name, don't you agree? For me, the first time I found this quiz, I was confused by how you can check whether your rice is pure or not via an online quiz. That sounds too strange! Even for me, an avid quiz enthusiast.

In fact, this particular test was created years ago at the namesake RICE university. The professionals wanted to know about the likes, dislikes, and habits. They were also interested in how goof their students behave outside of class. Did the smoke? Were they grown-up enough to engage in sexual intercourse, etc? The test was an anonymous one to get the teens' whole truth without compromising any of them.

It can be argued that the youth simply wanted to trick the test anyway to suit the standards they thought were acceptable.

Thus, some might decrease their naughtiness to seem more trustworthy or simply remain a good person. Others were hyperbolizing their "achievements" to seem cooler and more experienced.
Let's take a look at the Rice quiz categorization I've adopted for this one:

Level 1 (under 30% naughtiness)

You are an angel who follows all the rules, does nothing naughty. But also nothing truly exciting, it seems. You haven't tried many things in this life. Some of them are bad and even illegal. I do not support them. But there are also lots of fun things you haven't tried and will not get to in the future if you maintain this lifestyle of yours.

Level 2 (30-70% naughtiness)

You are a regular person who likes to try new things. Sometimes, they are not good for you. But you get your experience and remember that life lesson. You've tried a bit of everything and have nothing to regret. (Well, almost)

Keep the good job but beware of the limits and what is too far.

Level 3 (70+% naughtiness)

You are a naughty-naughty one! It seems you want to try everything in your life. And that includes some things illegal and questionable, right? It's good that you live your life to the fullest, but be sure to know the limits of social behavior and laws! Be mindful of your health and enjoy your life experiences in the safest way you can stick to.

These are the three levels of naughtiness for this Rice test. Do you think you are genuinely naughty or a fluffy angel? Or do you look like a celebrity?

The only question you'll need to answer is

Have you ever…..

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