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 Rick and Morty is a popular TV show that features the life and adventures of a crazy scientist with his helping grandson! The adventures are sometimes scary and always bonkers. The show has a devoted audience base that ranges from teens to adults well into their forties! The show was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, notable for their work on Community and voiceovers in Adventure Times and Gravity Falls. With such a strong base, there's no surprise that the series has gained massive popularity in dozens of countries around the world. In addition, an incredibly high critical acclaim of all five seasons shows universal support of the series. On Rotten Tomatoes, all seasons are ranked higher than 90 percent! 

What Is This Rick and Morty Quiz About?

rick and morty trivia
This is a trivia quiz that is meant to determine how well you know the characters and the storyline! Here, I'll ask all types of different trivia questions and will provide four answers to each one! If you answer correctly, you get the point. If not, you'll need to wait till the final results to check where you are wrong. This way, you can learn even more exciting details about the show. Note that only the most devoted fans can pass it. The trivia quiz included several questions about the latest season 5, and you'll get spoilers! You are warned! And so, let's start the fun part already? Wait, no! Let's reminisce on some interesting Rick and Morty details that only a few fans know to see how well you know the show truly. 

Rick and Morty Trivia Facts

Written Shortly

 The mere six hours after the creators showed the pitch to Adult Swim producers, the pilot of the show was created! This is a record time for a pilot that is so successful! Who would've believed that such a short period could create a series that will be loved for years! 

An Accidental Burp

rick and morty trivia questions
You would never guess that one of the most signature things Rick does is accidental. Yes, his famous burp was not in the script initially. However, when Roiland was recording the voices for the main characters, the burping came naturally. A few years back, when he was recording similar goofy lines for Marty McFly and Doc Brown, a burp came up in the middle of Doc's line and blended with the character perfectly. This is where the inspiration lies! 

Rick and Morty Are Bipolar

 This is not about the character having a bipolar disorder, actually. But according to the creators, they represent the disorder in its simplified form when combined. Thus, Rick becomes the erratic Manic phase and Morty, the Depressive. Thus, this is not all about fun and rainbows of Back to the Future! Well, these are some interesting facts that I want to introduce to the general public. Of course, there are tons of interesting details about the show. I'd like to hear which one is your favorite in the comment section. After this quiz, you can also check your knowledge of another "cartooney" series: My Hero Academia Trivia

Fun Rick and Morty Trivia Quiz! Questions

rick and morty quiz What's Beth's profession?
  • teacher

  • veterenarian

  • cashier

  • nurse

rick and morty quiz What's the name of an artificial land created for Beth by Rick?
  • wonderland

  • dreamyland

  • wackoland

  • froopyland

rick and morty quiz On what planet were Beth and children held after kidnapping by an alien?
  • Titan

  • Phoebe

  • Timbus

  • Pluto

rick and morty quiz What planet may Rick have or have not impregnated?
  • Zipple

  • Earth

  • Gaia

  • Purge Planet

rick and morty quiz Which of these animals was a reason for an apocalypse?
  • squirrels

  • pigs

  • cats

  • cows

rick and morty quiz In which dimension was the "real" Jerry (of the start of the show) born?
  • Replacement Dimension

  • Blumbus Dimension

  • Cronenberged Dimension

  • Buttworld

rick and morty quiz What is Jerry's major?
  • Civics

  • Communications

  • Business

  • Arts

rick and morty quiz What is the full name of the Counsil of Ricks?
  • Space Advisory Council of Ricks

  • Rick Council of Science and Society

  • Citizen's Advisry Council of Ricks

  • Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks

rick and morty quiz How are these creatures called: large purple four-legged spider-like aliens with four crab-like claws, seven eyes and a vertical mouth?
  • Crustolomons

  • Crabbylegs

  • Spidercrabs

  • Dermogog

rick and morty quiz What do Space Cops look like?
  • cucumbers

  • testicles

  • Ricks

  • pugs

rick and morty trivia What is the man rule of Space Cops?
  • We are the order

  • You are bound to your reality 

  • Don't fuck with time 

  • Butterflies are off-limits 

rick and morty quiz What is an all-purpose home device that we know how they are made of?
  • Homie

  • Drakesters

  • Creatures

  • Plumbus

rick and morty quiz Okay, this is for true fans: wubba lubba dub dub!
  • I am in great pain

  • Please, forgive me

  • F*ck this shit

  • I love my life

rick and morty quiz Morty is in love with
  • Beth

  • Katy

  • Nicki

  • Jessica

rick and morty trivia What's the name of Morty's son?
  • Dave

  • Morty Jr.

  • Kevin 

  • Ricky 

rick and morty quiz What is Morty's fetish?
  • his mother

  • feet

  • aliens

  • school nurses

rick and morty quiz At the beginning of season 5, who kills the decoy Smith families?
  • the real Rick andn Morty

  • robots

  • squid people

  • Gaia descendants

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