Can You Win Squid Game?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 8 months ago
 You’ve already heard about Squid Games; everybody has! This is an extraordinary TV show that has been topping Netflix charts all over the planet. This is the leading TV show of this fall, without a doubt. Squid Games are a capturing thriller/psychological game/drama. As with another famous Korean movie that’s won an Oscar, we see a mix of genres in both creations. Korea has a knack for such mixes. Today, it’s hard to go a day on social media without catching some references to the show, be it spoilers or memes. Before I’ve watched the entire season, it was really hard to stay blank to the possible spoilers. 

Squid Game Quiz

squid game trivia
This test is meant to determine whether you would survive in the games. Provided that you’ve already watched the show and know what course of action to choose, you have better chances for survival than the Squid Game Characters. Throughout the series, we’ve learned a lot about the main and recurring characters. Enough to like them and worry about them. Unfortunately, considering that there is only one winner in the games, we’ve seen at least a couple of heartbreaking deaths. But how far could you go? Would you reach the final or die along the way? Are you destined to be the winner or a dead second-runner? Notice that this quiz goes beyond the games we’ve seen. I’ve chosen several more games that could be organized at the site. And I believe some of them would be great for Squid Games 2. 

What Are All Squid Games?

squid game test

 But only the deadly version of hopscotch where only one can feel safe and know the correct landings. But the player risks running out of time as well. The rules are simple: there are two tiles on which you can hop. One of them is frail and will immediately break. Your choice! And so on for 15 times. 


 This is not a game in itself but more of a currency. So you can choose a game and try to win all the marbles of your partners for yourself. The rules can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. 

Tag of War

 We all know this game that comes from our childhood. And while we would simply get upset about losing, here, the losers literally fall to death! The only tip: strength is not everything here! 

Squid Game

 This is not only the name of the series but an actual game as well. The rules are quite complicated for people who’ve never played it before. I think I’ll just leave this link here so you can read them. 

Sugar Honeycomb

 The honeycomb game is probably the most famous right now, considering all the memes and people trying to play it online. It tests two of the most important of your skills - needlework and licking. 

Red Light, Green Light

 The first shocking game that we ever see has one simple rule - run while “the girl” is not watching. Don’t even breathe when it’s scanning you! Or, you know, dead! It’s hard to recommend something similar, but I suppose this Stranger Things quiz will do! 

Can You Win Squid Game? Questions

squid game quiz An easy one for starters: Choose a shape.
  • circle

  • triangle

  • star

  • umbrella

squid game quiz Which of these items would you take to the games (probably Han Mi-nyeo's way!)
  • a knife

  • money

  • a phone

  • drugs

squid game quiz You need to be grouped by three. Who do you choose to your team?
  • two girls

  • two strongest guys

  • one average guy and a girl

  • one strong guy and one average guy

squid game quiz What partner would you take for a game of Neolttwigi (1 vs 1)?
  • a big guy

  • a small woman

  • somebody of similar build to mine

squid game quiz Choose footwear for the next game
  • crocs

  • sneakers

  • flip-flops

  • boots

  • Oxfords

  • high heels

squid game quiz Choose a pebble color
  • pink

  • blue

  • yellow

  • red

  • green

squid game quiz Whose tactic would you rather use for Sugar Honeycombs?
  • the lighter

  • the licking

  • just the needle

squid game quiz Tug of War: strength or wits?
  • strength

  • wits

squid game quiz Which of these players would you befriend?
  • 001

  • 111

  • 240

  • 456

squid game quiz Do you like watching quiz shows on TV?
  • yes

  • no

squid game quiz Do you usually ace online trivia quizzes?
  • yes, I alway get great scores

  • it depends on the topic

  • no, I'm usually bad at them

squid game quiz Would you screw up Ali to win?
  • yes, it's life or death after all

  • no, he's a cutie; we'll play fair

squid game quiz In Tug of War, where do you stand?
  • in the beginning

  • in the middle

  • in the end

squid game quiz How long can you go without sleep?
  • the minimum amount of time; I need my healthy sleep

  • I can do one night without sleep

  • I can do more if it's really important

squid game quiz Were you good at playing Among Us?
  • I've never played

  • yes, but only while I was crewmate

  • I'm the best imposter

  • I'm not really at it

  • I'm decent in any role

squid game quiz What figure do you like more?
  • circle

  • triangle

  • square

squid game quiz Are you scared of heights?
  • yes

  • just a bit

  • no

squid game quiz If you had to play hide n seek, where would you hide?
  • in a closet

  • on a tree

  • in a dark basement

  • somewhere easy to move around and follow the seeker

squid game quiz Would you trust this character: “I’m Good At Everything, Except The Things I Can’t Do.”
  • yes

  • no

squid game quiz Which of the games seems the easiest for you?
  • Red Light, Green Light

  • Sugar Honeycombs

  • Tug of War

  • Marbles

  • Hopscotch

  • Squid Game

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