Supernatural Trivia Quiz: God Mode


Supernatural is finally over, but its popularity is still raging. The last Supernatural season 15 has brought us closure in 2020. After 15 years of filming, we have lots and lots of worldbuilding information and beloved characters.

The nostalgia has already overcome me due to the absence of a new season this year. Thus, I suggest a Supernatural trivia test that reminds you of all the best moments of the series. Note that it’s full of spoilers, obviously. Besides, I strongly advise you to watch the whole series to answer all these questions with ease.

Note that this one is not the easiest trivia quiz you’ll get! Here, you won’t find questions like “what is Sam and Dean’s surname?” or “what brand is their car?” Granted, you may see a couple of car-related questions, but we all know that it’s a Chevrolet Impala!

Before you start this quiz, I’d like to discuss a few questions with you.

Supernatural Quiz: What’s the Best Season?


What season do you think is the most iconic and well-done? Whose era do you think is superior? Kripke, Gamble, Singer, Caraver, Dabb? Of course, tastes differ, and I believe each season has its fans.

So, what is your choice? What season can you watch again and again? Personally, I have the top three! And I don’t know how to place them among the three.

Season 3

Even though this season is so short, I cannot help but adore it. Here, demons are becoming all the more powerful, we get to know the deeper part of the brotherly bond, and experience a whirlwind of emotions. Plus, it contains many of my favorite episodes!

Season 4

After the demon-filled season 3, this one should feel drastically lighter with the focus on angels, but their being is far from soft and fluffy. Here, the epic four (Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Castiel) is created, and the team grows stronger! The enemy is menacing, and the destiny of the whole world lies on the boys’ shoulders.

Season 5

What don’t we have here?? Lucifer? Check! God? Check (wink-wink)! Demons, angels, and other creatures? Check! Four Horsemen? Check! Plus, there are lots and lots of unexpected turns here and there. So the end of the season could be a bittersweet closure of the whole story. But we’ve got 10 more seasons of Winchester hype!

Yes, it appears that my top three seasons are all consecutive! And all belong to the Kripke era.
What is your take on supernatural seasons?

Supernatural Character Quiz?

supernatural quiz

The second question I’d like to ask is, “What is your favorite Supernatural character?” I believe you may surprise me with your answers. So, let’s choose one main/recurring character and one minor character!

Also, would you like to have another Supernatural quiz with characters this time? Maybe to discover which of the characters you resemble? Who you’d become in that universe/ OR what kind of Supernatural monster you’d become.

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