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 That 70s Show is the beloved teen series that depicts this far-away period. And though it wasn't filmed back in the 70s, we get a good look at the life of teens and families at that time. The shocking discovery is that it's pretty similar to the modern days, minus technological aspects, of course. The issues our main characters face are universal for every teen and many young adults. We've all gone through this period of self-discovery, building love and friendships, family issues, first jobs, and moving on to college. To my mind, That 70s show is great at depicting life as it is. Now, to the matter of this test. We are here to test how well the audience knows one of their favorite shows. And this test will come in the usual form - trivia! 

That 70's Show Trivia

that 70s show trivia
Just like the teens at school, you'll have to go through the final trivia test to show what you've learned so far. This time, your Tv series knowledge will be under question. The guys have gotten their SATs. Now, it's your time for the graduation test! This quiz will follow the simple rules of regular trivia - for each question; you'll receive four options. Only one answer is correct! There are no multiple answer options. Also, there are a couple of true/false statements. For this, you get a 50/50 chance to guess right. So, they'll be of great help if you struggle with the questions. Considering that the series was created back in the 90s, and you probably hadn't seen it in a long time, I used an average difficulty! I believe the questions are hard enough yet not impossible to answer! This is the test to relax and enjoy the favorite memories of this show! 

That 70s Show Test: Favorite Episodes

that 70's show quiz
What are your favorite episodes in this series? I have a few that have stuck in my memory for a long time! Each time I remember the show, I get glimpses of certain moments. Here are my few top episodes! 

"Garage Sale"

 Yes, the trope of adults mistakenly consuming the infused brownies is already a boring cliche, but it was not at the time. Plus, we don't see teens using drugs even despite the many hints. That is why these brownies seem unexpected and hilarious in the setting. 

"Donna Dates a Kelso"

 Okay, maybe this episode is so memorable because of Luke Wilson alone, but we all understand Donna's feelings in this episode! But I also think that the episode overall is well-designed and entertaining. 

Your Option

 I've already mentioned two of my favorite episodes. Now, it's your turn to share your opinion. I'll gladly read what episode is the best for other That 70s Show fans! You can respond either in the comments section here or on the website's official social media pages. Any of them! For a similar experience, you can also check The Ultimate Friends Quiz! It's also trivia! 

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