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Vampire Diaries is a top-rated US series that has everything an impressionable young soul may need: vampires, werewolves, strong heroines and charming heroes, a few alluring villains, and a supernatural story that will take you away from a monotonous daily routine. And this Vampire Diaries quiz will tell you who's your prince (with the armor of darkness in this case) that will take you to the supernatural land.

Though it all started from Twilight, Vampire Diaries has more favorable reviews. And there are several reasons why this show stands the test of time better than Twilight. For each person, it is notable for a unique reason. Personally, I appreciate the added brutality to vampires and the world in general. Here, a being that lives for hundreds of years hardens and acquires harsher responses. Most vampires show their cruel nature, and even if they seem like angels at the start, they have the darker nature luring somewhere inside (hi, Stefan).

Another reason is strong female characters that grow as the series progresses. Though I'm not a fan of Elena's personally, I appreciate Bonnie's confident nature, and the growth of Caroline's character is perfect. From that girl who reads Twilight initially and has deep insecurities behind that shallow yet cheerful facade, Caroline becomes a strong vampire who knows what she wants and is the best friend possible for anybody. Rebekah is a bit childish herself, but she is confident and extremely loyal to her family. There are many other strong female and male characters, but you know them already if you are here for a Vampire Diaries boyfriend quiz.

Hunk Variety

Now, Vampire Diaries is a series of great diversity when it comes to boyfriend material. There are many interesting male characters, and it's tough to choose only one to like. They are all so attractive. For starters, let's take a look at the species offered in the show.


This kind of vampire is a more classical one. They burn in the sun, but magic helps them walk in the daylight. They drink blood and compel their victims to forget. A bonus is that you can only drink a bit without killing a person and let them go. Also, blood bags are a popular thing. They live for thousands of years but can be killed (only if they are not the Originals).


Werewolves here change once a month during the full moon. The change is painful, and you cannot control it. At least, you are not doom from birth. If you manage not to kill anyone (which is surprisingly difficult in Mystic Falls), you are free from the curse.


Just your regular average humans! Except if they are a doppelganger, medium, Hunter, or a witch. The human population specter is vast and rich in this universe. If you think that you are an average human being with nothing extraordinary about you, wait until a vampire or two come into your life.

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Vampire Diaries Quiz: Your Boyfriend Awaits Questions

vampire diaries quiz Are you a manipulative person?
  • yes, I'm a secret mastermind

  • yes, when I need something badly

  • I manipulate people very rarely

  • I'm kind and not manipulative at all

vampire diaries quiz What hair color on men do you prefer?
  • black as night

  • dark brown

  • reddish

  • blond/light brown

vampire diaries quiz Would you like your boyfriend to be tall?
  • yes, very tall

  • just average height

  • he can be on the shorter side if he is cute

vampire diaries quiz On the scale from 1 to a murderous Original, how much brutal can you accept?
  • as much as he's willing to offer

  • about 6-8 is my max

  • a gentle one of around 4-5

  • somewhere low, just to protect family and friends

  • is there is below 0 option?

vampire diaries quiz Would you like the man to "baby" you?
  • absolutely not, I'm a strong woman

  • sometimes, when I truly need it

  • yes, all the time

vampire diaries quiz How much older vampires can you accept?
  • age doesn't matter

  • the older, the better

  • somewhere aroun 200 years or so

  • around my age

  • ew, who's talking about vampires?

vampire diaries quiz Choose your favorite type of sports
  • Racing

  • Archery

  • Amerian football

  • Skiing

  • card games

  • Equestrian sports

  • Gymnastics

  • other ball games

  • hunting

  • running

  • mind board games

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz Would you betray your family for a personal gain?
  • yes, if I have to

  • depends on the case

  • no

  • there is only one person I would never betray (maybe two)

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz Choose a Vampire Diaries girl that you like the best.
  • Elena

  • Katherine

  • Caroline

  • Bonnie

  • Rebekah

  • Davina

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz What is your love language?
  • words of affirmation

  • quality time

  • acts of service

  • receiving gifts

  • physical touch

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz If you had to break up with your boyfriend, how would you do it?
  • just ignore him

  • tell him in person

  • message him

  • call him

  • write him a letter

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz What kind of meal would you prepare for a romantic dinner with him?
  • meal is not important, I'll stock up on boose

  • something exquisite with good wine

  • something homey and made with love

  • beer and snacks would do

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz Which of these VD villains would you want to face the least?
  • Kai

  • Klaus

  • Silas

  • Mikael

  • Lily Salvatore

  • Katherine

  • The Travelers

vampire diaries Where would your perfect date be?
  • In a local bar

  • Drive-in cinema 

  • Dinner at his home 

  • A trip to Vegas

  • On a secluded beach

  • In a restaurant 

  • A surprise flight to Europe

vampire diaries Are you willing to turn into a supernatural being for him?
  • yes

  • no

vampire diaries Choose a movie to watch with him.
  • Dirty Dancing

  • 365 days/50 shades

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

  • Clueless

  • Love actually

  • The Notebook

  • The Perfect Date

vampire diaries In the dangerous world of VD, you'll have to fight. What would be your weapon?
  • A gun 

  • A sword

  • A supernatural knife   

  • My magic 

  • My supernatural strength 

vampire diaries What kind of sweets do you like best?
  • Chocolate

  • Marshmallow 

  • Cake

  • Candy

  •   Muffin

  • Pudding

  • Ice cream

What backpack would you choose?
  • vampire diaries boyfriend
  • vampire diaries boyfriend
  • vampire diaries boyfriend
  • vampire diaries boyfriend
  • vampire diaries boyfriend
vampire diaries What is your type?
  • Sweet need

  • Cool and dangerous

  • Silent and mysterious

  • Funny and charming

  • A sporty jock

vampire diaries quiz Choose a dancing style
  • Tango

  • Sexy club dancing

  • Disco

  • Hip-hop

  • ballet

  • Contemporary

  • Jazz

vampire diaries Choose
  • Werewolf

  • Vampire

  • Human

  • Witch 

vampire diaries quiz If you had to betray your friend for a personal gain, would you do it?
  • yes

  • no

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