VSCO Girl Quiz: Is This Your Type?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 9 months ago
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Nowadays, online trends have conquered our daily lives. No matter how old you are, you definitely know at least a couple of digital trends and follow them. Teenagers and people in their twenties are the most susceptible to such an influence. And this VSCO girl quiz is another proof that girls like to follow trends like nobody else. 

Girls spend a bit more time online than boys. That is online anecdotal evidence that does not mean that males refrain from social media and other online mediums. The under 30 male share is still significant. That’s why there are various “types” of boys out there. However, today, I’d like to focus on girls. Being one of them, I understand these trends a bit better than the male ones. However, if you are interested in TikTok boy or Instagram trends, let me know, and I’ll research the topic to the best of my skills. And you’ll be able to enjoy another quiz based on your requests. To require such a quiz, leave a comment below or contact me on social media. 

Now, let me dwell a bit on the additional research I’ve conducted while trying to learn the canonical descriptions of a VSCO girl! 

Who Is a VSCO Girl? 

We all have heard about VSCO girls on Instagram and TikTok! But are they really? Do you know the origins of the trend? Are they named after the popular editing apps that some of us use? 

Yes! They are! The name indeed derives from the popular app (that I admittedly use for some of my edits). Admit it, you’ve used VSCO before as well! This software is used for editing photos to create a uniform Instagram look; you may call it aesthetics. Thus, a #VSCOgirl hashtag has been used a number of times over the past year. With the modern social media plagiarism tendencies, #VSCOgirls soon become similar to one another and acquire some common traits. 

Such people tend to leave a relaxed beach lifestyle, trying to be eco-friendly and generally displaying “chill vibes.” Have you ever heard about the “save the turtles” trend? That is mainly the working of VSCO girls. Of course, environmental companies have been trying to save all kinds of creatures for a long time, but VSCO girls took it to another level. 

A true VSCO girl is the most avid fan of friendship bracelets, preferable those 90-style ones! And, which is most shocking, she has the best SVCO girlfriend to wear them together! 

VSCO girls are also the main customers of Birkenstock. Whether it gets any profit outside of the trend or not is a mystery.

Another company that makes most of its profits from these girls is Kanken Backpack. Admittedly, a backpack is a comfy bag, especially compared with the other girl choices. However, why stick to one brand when you have such a variety? 

Authentic VSCO girl aesthetics come tied with crunchies, of course! Have you seen at least one girl of this type without a crunchie somewhere near her? Even if it’s hidden at home, I guarantee that this attribute is a constant addition to VSCO style (especially after the huge popularity of the Stranger Things with its 80’s style). 

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