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The seven deadly sins are also known as capital vices in Christianity. They are not mentioned in the Bible, but the teaching mentions seven sins that are often opposed by seven virtues. The list of sins is the following:
  • pride
  • greed
  • wrath 
  • envy
  • lust 
  • gluttony 
  • sloth 
There is no universal ranking of the sins by their severity. The brightest minds of Christianity cannot agree on the matter. Originally, the idea of deadly sins that have to be abolished came from the idea of evil thoughts introduced by the Desert Fathers. In fact, there were eight evil thoughts in the beginning
  • pride
  • avarice (greed)
  • wrath 
  • sadness (envy)
  • fornication 
  • gluttony 
  • acedia (dejection/sloth)
  • boasting 
In ancient Greece, these eight evil thoughts were rather widespread as what we now call sins. They were also commonly divided into three categories:
  • lustful appetites 
  • irascibility 
  • corruption of the mind
The first category includes such thoughts as gluttony, fornication, and avarice)

The second category solely focuses on wrath.

The third category includes sorrow, pride, vainglory, and discouragement. 

The list as we know it now was created in the 6th century by Pope Gregory. In the traditional interpretations, pride is considered the father of all sins! 

An exciting interpretation is hidden in Alighieri’s works. The author connects all the sins with manifestations of love, except for sloth that means the lack of love. Some sins show excessive love for certain things; others are forms of “perverted love directed toward others’ harm.” 

The author also considered the sins of the flesh to be milder than the sins of the mind. 


Here are also some sins interpretations that have been used when studying sins throughout the centuries.
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Though many people believe that lust is just excessive love for individuals, lust for money or power is also included, though discussed less. 


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The same concerns gluttony. Overindulgence and overconsumption stretch far beyond food that is traditionally viewed in terms of this sin. There are five forms of gluttony that concern food alone, though:
  • Late – eating too expensively
  • Studios – eating too daintily
  • Nimis – eating too much
  • Praepropere – eating too soon
  • Ardent – eating too eagerly


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This is also a manifestation of desire. However, it only concerns material possessions. Interestingly, hoarding is also viewed as part of greed alongside theft and robbery. 


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This is one of the most surprising sins! Sloth is the absence of interest and the general sorrow of the characters. Initially, it was called dejection. However, it is a versatile sin.


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What is the difference between regular anger and wrath? Wrath is long-lasting, harsh, and directed at innocent people. It also tends towards vengeance. 

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  Envy is also a sin of desire. In this case, the desire comes towards the traits and possessions of other people! The sin is considered sad jealousy. 


what 7 deadly sin am i
Throughout the tears, pride has been considered the most grievous of all. It is the “father” of other sins and comes with dangerous selfishness; I’d say narcissism. 

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