When Will I Die? The Bitter Truth

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
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It may seem like a rude question for some, but inquiring about my death date can be an eye-opening question for some. We rarely think about the specific age we’ll pass away, which often comes unexpectedly. Considering that death is one of the few constants in your life, I believe it should be a more popular subject in society. If you go past the grief and fear of death, it will remain a natural topic like birth, growth, health, or marriage. But, to my mind, embracing death is the only possible way to prepare for it. 

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Granted, I’m no Nostradamus and cannot see in the future to the time of your death. Frankly, neither could he! If you believe in supernatural elements and psychics, you may get a somewhat specific date of death from “gifted people.” However, it is a far-fetched concept even if you believe in otherworldly powers. Astrology may become your helpful guide to determining your death date. But that doesn’t work with 100% certainty as well. In most cases, astrology will tell you the general mood, dangers, and influences at a certain period of time. No chart shows the exact date of the person passing away. Planetarian influences are more about tendencies in your life. But how can we actually determine a death day? Even if it’s an approximate number? Health! This is what really matters. Plus, a few additional factors like the environment and economic situation where you live. Let me explain what factors I’ll be counting in the next section. 

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Of course, there is no guaranteed date even if the latest technologies make the calculations. Life is unpredictable and comes with surprises. Accidents happen here and there. Natural and anthropogenic disasters are spontaneous factors that can disrupt the life of the whole planet. 


Both physical and mental health play a great role in our well-being. And while most people recognize the importance of physical health that has direct impacts on how our organs work (and how long they can work), mental health is more of a discreet factor on many occasions. In fact, mental health issues have a direct impact on life expectancy - shortening it on 10-15 years on average. Thus, if you want to maximize your chances for a long and happy life, visiting mental health experts and supporting your inner stability is just as important as regular sport and a healthy diet. 


In this section, I’d like to touch upon two significant parts of your environment - the ecology and economy of the country. Sadly, people in third-world countries live shorter life expectancies for a multitude of reasons. And even first-world countries often face ecology crises at this age of technological advancements. Ideally, you’d have to choose a cozy house amongst nature to breathe clean air and avoid pollution. However, we all understand that only a few people can freely do that. Among other crucial factors are your happiness, political/war affairs, your job, ancestry, bad habits, and even your behavior. Check your mental health with this quiz: Am I Depressed Quiz.   

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