In What Country Should You Live!?


If you were free to choose the country to live in, what would be your choice? Just imagine that you have no restrictions, laws, and other stuff in your way? Then, what country would you choose?

Personally, I’d stick to the following list:

  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Great Britain
  • South Korea
  • Italy

This is my list of the countries that interest me the most in terms of a permanent place to live. What would be your top 5? Top 10? Well, this country quiz will determine what country suits your personality the most. You may not know it, but this is the perfect country for you! Moreover, there is more than one! Are you ready to learn at least some of your suitable options?

As a little sneak peeks at the gathered countries for this stage of the quiz, I’ve chosen a few great places that come with unique cultures and mentality. One of them will suit you. Note that these are just a few countries from the complete list.


what country do you live in

Yes, I know that many people are afraid to go to Australia because of the numerous creepy-crawlies in the wild and at home. I’m one of these people. However, when everything else about the country is marvelous, what can those animals really do? You get used to them in time. Are you afraid of mosquitos? Hardly? What about bees? Unpleasant but not tragic (at least, when you have no allergy). You’ll get used to the local insects the same way!

The country seems like a laid-back community of cheery people.. However, it’s true that there are good and bad people everywhere. No country is an exception.

Overall, the sandy beaches, surfing, clean air, and fantastic nature can win anyone over.


what country do you live in

If you are not pedantic, you’ll have to keep yourself in check in this country. Overall, German citizens are serious about work, timing, and rules. Thanks to this mentality, the country is a dream-come-true for many people around the globe. And not only because you can visit Oktoberfest every year!

German cities have a long history and usually come with the historical parts, Old Town and so on, that bring you closer to that ancient European atmosphere. Of course, all the big cities are “equipped: with modern buildings and skyscrapers.

And the sweets there are great!


what country do you live in

Do you see how diverse the list is? So far, it’s taken you to three different parts of the world in three shots.

Japan is not the easiest country to relocate to, but the culture is worth it. You’ve all seen the tiny apartment tours of Tokyo and other Japanese cities. But you can afford something a bit bigger if you agree to move further from the center.

The IT industry in the country is developing faster than any other sphere. If you can find a decent job in a Japanese country, you’ll be able to afford to live there. Just be prepared to work hard and long!

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Written by Irene

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