What My Hero Academia Character Are You?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 9 months ago
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What My Hero Academia character are you? Choose one of these characters: Deku, Bakugou, Shoto? Cannot select only one? What if you had to choose from the whole Class 1-A? I bet it would be an impossible task. This is why this test will determine your character for you. 

My Hero Academia has numerous cool characters that anyone would be honored to become. May 1-A Quirks are fantastic. When asked about what superpower people want to have, many answer “invisibility.” And MHA got it! There is flight as well. You can easily feel like a Superman if you live in a world with Quirks. 

No matter what character you get in this MHA quiz, you get a cool Quirk that becomes a powerhouse in the right hands. Note that this test only includes the students of 1-A for now. If you want to test for Pro Hero characters or those mysterious 1-B students, let me know in the comments! 

Also, let me know what character you get and what you think of their Quirk!
which mha character are you
Speaking of Quirks, do you believe that some of them are more powerful by default? Or do you think that Mirio is right and only hard work determines the power of the Quirk? 

Personally, I believe in the superiority of some Quirks. But hard work is essential no matter what. 

So, here are the top three MHA Quirks I’d like to get.

Half-Cold Half-Hot 

what mha character am i quiz
Manipulation of both ice and fire is the top superpower for me. Even separately, each Quirk is immensely powerful. But the combination of them makes you indestructible. Imagine that X-men combine Pyro and Iceman! Imagine that Gray and Nazu attack together! No opponent would survive! 

Usually, in superhero movies, you can only manipulate one - either fire or ice. Often, they fight each other. Here, such distinction is erased. You get to control two contrasting elements. What else can harm you? 

Of course, such a Quirk requires lots of training and flawless control levels. Shoto doesn’t have decent control over his fiery side due to the prolonged neglect. I believe that, in a few years, his fire will be even more powerful. 

Fierce Wings 

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Yes, flight is great and all, but I like this Quirk not because of it. The deciding factor is the thousands of “little helpers” Hawks has at his disposal. His feathers can be in dozens of places at times, attacking, saving people, and reaching for help. 

Proper control of each feather separately and all at once is a tremendous challenge. I’m surprised how well hawks deal with it at such a young age. And it makes the effort even more impressive. 

Fierce Wings are ten times better than the regular wings superheroes of various mediums use to fly. None other can detach their feathers. Besides, they can be regrown when destroyed! 


which mha character are you?
If you haven’t read the manga yet and remain at the story point featured in anime series, you still don’t know the true power of Monoma’s Quirk. Copying any Quirk you touch (almost any, you’ll find out the exception in the future) is extremely useful and powerful. Especially considering another small bonus of this Quirk - getting knowledge how to use it instinctively. 

 Now, get ready to "Which BNHA character are you"!

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