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By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 10 months ago
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The 5000 character quiz has created a significant following on TikTok. And as the demand raises, we provide. This personality quiz combines many of the other fictional character tests into one huge personality selection. Have you ever wondered what fictional character you can be? In general, not limited to one universe? Well, this is your chance to find out precisely that. 

The 5000 Quiz Roots 

Nowadays, you see this test everywhere on TikTok. Even celebrities were noticed enjoying their personality tests. TikTok quiz trends come and go, but this one is among the longest-running on the platform. However, as with most tests, this one was not created on the platform. It originates from the website It offers a set of questions meant to determine your personal traits. Later, they are matched with the base of fictional characters. On this page, you can find the characters that match your personality the most, and recommendations about what media you can enjoy. 

How Does This 5000 Test Work? 

This quiz operates in a bit different way. Unfortunately, we don’t have an opportunity to create a database of several thousand fictional characters due to our website’s technical issues and limited capabilities. However, we’ve created a list of some of the most popular fictional personas of a variety of traits and temperaments. The standardized Myers-Briggs Type test was of great help for our quiz. We extensively used the all-encompassing database of fictional character types to collect a bunch of prominent characters and study their personality traits. This way, you’ll be matched with the characters that suit you the best. In order to get an accurate result, you should think carefully about your reactions and feelings and answer truthfully. If you can’t find an option that matches yours 100%, choose the closest one! 

What 5000 Character Types Are Included? 

In this quiz, we’ve included several of the best-known fictional characters from different genres, including cinema, literature, and comics. These are all well-recognized personas for the modern audience. They were all chosen to represent different Myers-Briggs combinations so that all people could find the most relatable fictional person for them. We are sure you can find new traits in your characters with this quiz that you’ve never noticed before. If you take a closer look at your result and analyze the character, you can find that you are more than expected. 

What Are Similar Quizzes? 

There are many personality quizzes on your website meant to match you with a fictional character, but they are all more specific than this one. The creme de la creme is the What Disney Character Are You? This is the one that any modern person has to know! Also, I suppose you would like to find out What Attack on Titan Character Am I?   

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