Am I Polyamorous? A Test of Hidden Desires

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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 Polyamory refers to people having loving and intimate relationships with multiple people at the same time. Polyamory is the opposite of monogamy. Nowadays, we can distinguish several types of polyamory: 
  • when a person remains independent in their life with has minor or romantic relationships with several people, but they consider themselves solo;
  • when several people exist in a poly relationship within their circle;
  • when there is the main relationship in a couple but also some secondary partnerships that receive less attention;
  • “relationship anarchy” occurs when there are multiple partnerships no no clear hierarchy;
These are the four main types of polyamory that are largely recognized. However, considering the question’s intimacy and interpersonal relationships, there are many nuances to such relations in reality. Polyamory is an ancient concept that has been around for as long as humanity! It’s in our nature to be free to choose our romantic feelings and status. When it comes to people’s free will and agreement, anything is expected if the involved parts are comfortable. 

Is Polyamory Like Swinging?

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Not quite. Yes, both polyamory and swinging include several people enjoying sex, but there is one major difference. 

Swing is the main romantic couple enjoying physical activities with other people. Polyamory, on the contrary, exists in romantic relationships with several people. And neither of them is considered cheating as people are open about their endeavors and in full agreement. 

Both swinging and polyamory are open and mutually understanding relationships. In addition, none of them exclude the other. It’s also possible to combine the two notions! And both of them can involve cheaters! But that is not a norm for swinging and polyamory; that is just people being people. 

Polyamory Test Rules

 In this test, we’ll try to get to know you. To give an answer to such a complex question, we’ll need to ask you some personal questions.

So, if you are not ready to open up, you’ll probably enjoy the fun trivia quizzes better.

For example, try this ...... If you are willing to try this quiz, we ask you to be open and frank. No one will know your answers. And you can only share your final result on social media.

So, if you want to tell people that embrace polyamory without sharing personal details about yourself, feel free to share the result only!
This quiz will test your behavior according to the generally recognized patterns.
We fully understand that every relationship and individual are different and full of nuances, but a general public quiz requires full inclusion. It cannot be tailored to all the nuances.

If you are interested in everything to do with exploring one’s sexuality, we have several other offers for you! 

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