Am i a Pervent?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
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 Do you have a suspicion that you have met a pervert but are unclear if they are one? Or do you fear that you could already be one?

Take this pervert test if you frequently find yourself thinking about sex despite your best efforts to focus on something else. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before attempting to answer the ones on our quiz.
Do you now experience puberty? Your personality is likely to undergo a number of changes throughout this time. Both our physical and mental traits change throughout this specific time. So increased sex-drive is completely normal.

But if you’re not in your teenage anymore, and still are having hard time keeping your eyes off of people’s body (in a kinky way) or if you always find yourself swiping through porn-sites rather than other apps, then you should definitely take this quiz to see eye to eye with the hidden pervert inside you. 

Signs of a Pervert


 Staring and leering is their favourite hobby. The precision and dedication with which they gaze at you would shatter your soul. They likely have better X-ray vision than Superman.   
pervert test

Always taking about sex

 Friends frequently discuss sexual matters. Because talking about sex with friends is funny, we are all interested in doing so. But, these individuals just won't stop talking about sex or making offensive comments because they don't care how uncomfortable everyone else is. 

Public display of private parts

 The minds of these folks work differently. They believe that their private property must be regarded as public property. That sounds abhorrent to the core. These individuals will flaunt their intimate areas as if they were a beam of hope for the future.   
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 One of the major signs of a pervert is that whenever you’re having a conversation with them, they find excuses to touch you without your permission. No, we are not saying that every touch is a touch of a pervert. But, you’ll know exactly when they’ll touch you. You’ll feel their lust. The only thing that you need to do then is to speak up and tell that idiot to stay in their limit 

Am I A Pervert

 If you think someone around you has these signs or after reading you felt that these are all mentions of your qualities and you may be a pervert, then take our quiz to be 100% sure. 
This quiz will scrutinize the answers that you’ll select for each question and present you with the result after a deep analysis. 
You’ll get to know if you are really a pervert or people just call you that when they are angry with you. 
If you think that the signs that you have are of a normal person but you still think you’re a pervert, let us check and give our opinion. There’s nothing wrong in being a little extra sure.   

Am i a Pervent? Questions

am i a pervert How often do you have dirty thoughts?
  • All the time  

  • I don't think about stuff. I do it!  

  • As much as a normal person has

  • Never

am i a pervert What would you do if you see two people kissing or expressing affection in public?
  • I would imagine what would it be like to join them.

  • Go to the restroom and touch myself.

  • Get turned on but I have self-control

  • Ugh! Turn my head away

am i a pervert Imagine you are on a deserted Island with your brother/sister and you start getting in mood?
  • I mean, nobody’s gonna know. ‘wink’ ‘wink’

  • Well, if he/she also wants it then why not.

  • I’d find a hiding place and give myself a helping hand.


pervert test How often do you touch people while talking?
  • Everyone around me says I touch them a lot.

  • Yeah, can’t keep my hands off people.

  • Only when it’s necessary

  • Why would I touch anybody without their permission?

pervert test Do people often call you a pervert?
  • All the time

  • I don't think about stuff. I do it!

  • As much as a normal person has

  • Never

pervert test What do you think when you see a banana?
  • Oh I get extremely turned on.

  • I think what I can do with it. *wink*

  • Hahaha it reminds me of a joke.

  • That it’s a fruit.

pervert test How often do you bring up sex-related topics in conversation?
  • All the time

  • Very often. I love to talk about it.

  • Not often.

  • I never talk about it.

pervert test How often do you touch yourself?
  • Whenever I get a chance.

  • All the time. That’s my favorite thing to do.

  • Whenever I feel the extreme need.

  • I don’t do it.

am i a pervert quiz Do you have wet dreams?
  • Yes, almost everyday

  • Yes, very often.

  • Yes, but not very often.

  • No, never.

am i a pervert quiz Have you ever seen somebody naked without them knowing?
  • Yes, I do it often.

  • Yes, and I loved it.

  • Yes, but it was a mistake.

  • No, that’s very bad thing to do.

am i a pervert quiz What do you do at parties?
  • I start to get close to the most attractive person at the party.

  • I keep an eye on couples and follow them.

  • I dance and have fun

  • I don’t like parties.

am i a pervert quiz How would you describe yourself?
  • Flirtatious

  • Extrovert

  • Naive

  • Innocent

am i a pervert quiz What would you do if you’re swimming and your bikini/shorts come off?
  • I’d go out naked

  • That’s an excellent chance to show people what I’ve got.

  • I’d wait for everyone to leave

  • OMG. I’d rather drown and die.

how to tell if you are a pervert quiz What do you notice in the person when you see them for the first time?
  • Their lips

  • Their whole body.

  • Their eyes

  • Their feet

how to tell if you are a pervert quiz What would you do if you get aroused in a train?
  • I don’t mind touching myself in public

  • I’d go to the toilet and touch myself

  • I’d wait until I get home

  • I’ll control myself

how to tell if you are a pervert quiz Which job interests you the most?
  • Sex toy shop worker

  • Nude photographer

  • Youtuber

  • Marketing manager

how to tell if you are a pervert quiz Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  • Yeah, multiple times.

  • Yes, it’s so fun.

  • Yes, didn’t like it.

  • No, I prefer being in a relationship.

how to tell if you are a pervert quiz Do you think it’s okay to show your private parts in public?
  • Yeah, that’s why I do it.

  • Yes, I love it when somebody does it.

  • No, I think it’s kinda extreme.

  • No, private parts are meant to be kept private.

am i a pervert test Is it okay to touch somebody without their permission?
  • Yeah, it’s not something extreme

  • Yeah, I touch people when I’m talking to them.

  • It depends what kind of touch is in question.

  • No, you should always ask for permission

am i a pervert test Do you think you’re a pervert?
  • Yes

  • Maybe

  • No

  • Not at all

am i a pervert test What would you do if your teacher makes a move on you?
  • I would be excited to do it.

  • I mean what’s wrong in it if we both want it.

  • I would politely decline.

  • I would freak out.

am i a pervert test What type of movies do you watch?
  • Romantic

  • 18+

  • Action

  • Comedy

am i a pervert test Have you ever slept with your GF/BF’s friend?
  • Yes

  • Yeah, wanna do that again.

  • Yes, but it was a huge mistake

  • No, it’s unethical.

am i a pervert test Have you ever been to a strip club?
  • Yes

  • Yeah, it’s my favorite place

  • Yeah, only once

  • No, never

am i a pervert test Are you in a relationship?
  • No

  • Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun

  • Not yet

  • Yes, I’m married to the love of my life.

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