This Dumb Bitch Quiz Will Uncover Your True Self

Dumb Bitch

A dumb bitch is just a girl. She may love her family. She may be clumsy. She may be naive. Or, she can easily lie, cheat, and gaslight. A dumb bitch is not always evil, but she can be. This is a complex term that encompasses many personality traits or even simply bad decisions. 

A dumb bitch test has been popular on Tik Tok lately. If you use the app, I’m sure you’ve seen it at least once or twice. But if you only look and don’t film, how can you take it? Of course, you can check all the questions you see in such videos, but completing an actual quiz is so much fun! 

Are you ready to find out whether you are a dumb bitch or not? You may not even know it!

How This Dumb Bitch Quiz Works? 

Am I a Dumb Bitch

Fast and easy! You’ll be given a certain number of “acts.” If you’ve done it, you choose the answer “done.” If you are not guilty of a specific action, choose “nope.” These are the easy rules of this quiz. 

In the end, you’ll be given a percentage instead of a simple yes or no. After all, all of us can be dumb bitches at times! Even if you are a smart, good girl most of the time, we are all humans. We make mistakes. If you’ve only had a couple of not your brightest moments, you’ll have a low percentage. 

Note that there is no 100% bitch in this quiz! I believe that we all have good sides to us. No matter how bad we may seem. 

Am I a Dumb Bitch? 

Am I a Dumb Bitch

What actions determine the level of the dumb-bitchiness? Well, this is a tricky question. As I’ve mentioned, this is a broad term. 

Some of the things dumb bitches are most often guilty of 

  • cheating on their significant other
  • betraying their friends 
  • sleeping with their friends’ partners
  • blacking out at most parties
  • turning down decent partners and hooking up with a**holes 

These are only a couple of things. But these are pretty drastic, especially the initial three. These bad decisions have consequences. However, there are smaller things as well. Unfortunately, we often don’t even notice them. 

But I’m here to uncover all your silly mistakes and evil wrongdoings! 

What Are Some Similar Quizzes to This Dumb Bitch Test? 

I’d say that the closest is a Rice Purity Quiz. Some of the questions even overlap. This test was created to check the “purity” of students way back in the middle of the 20th century. At the time, the questions were a bit milder but still considered impure. You can check the modernized version of this quiz on Quizzboom. 

Another test that has a similar atmosphere is How Many Camels Am I Worth. It is meant to calculate your worth in terms of how many camels you cost. It’s a bit superficial, but we’ve focused on the inner beauty and value just as much as the appearance is worth!