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By: Denis Priesnov
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 Hamilton is one of the best musicals in U.S. history. It has won numerous awards and was adapted for TV due to its high popularity. Thus, it’s gathered many fans throughout the years of its existence. If you are one of them, you may be lacking interactive content concerning your favorite musical. If you’d like to visit the world of fantastic music and breathtaking performance once more, I invite you to join this quick Hamilton quiz. Be ready to answer easy and hard trivia questions about the musical and its awards. 
As a fan, you have to know where this masterpiece excels. However, if you don’t know this musical so in-depth, you can learn many interesting facts about it in the process. The results are divided into three tiers: beginner, average, and pro fan! If you can get more than 70 percent of the answers correct, you are a pro and probably know about the musical as its creator. I’m sure you can manage the task! Should we check? Prepare for 20 interesting questions that enrich your knowledge of the musical or prove that you already know everything there is to know! But, before you move to the questions, I’d like to share a few interesting facts that haven’t made it to the quiz. But I find them fascinating. Hopefully, you will too. 

Hamilton Trivia Facts

The Initial Hamilton

 Although one might think that this Hamilton musical is one of a kind, it was really not the first one about this historical character. Back in 1912, there was another musical also named Hamilton that was quite popular at the time as well. As you see, this particular historical figure seems to attract the attention of the creators and the public alike. However, we can’t neglect the genius mind of Lin-Manuel. His creation’s success is mainly because of his creative writing, composing, and brilliant performance. Although, it would be cool to watch both and compare the story and style. 
hamilton trivia

You’ll Be Back

 This is one of my most-liked songs in the whole musical. ANd now I know why it is so touching! The author created it while on honeymoon! I guess the presence of a loving person, the life partner, added more colors to the song and made it so memorable. What do you think about this song? And which is your favorite song in this musical? 

Hamilton Set

 The set of the musical is really symbolic. (What’s not in great works of art?) According to the numerous interviews with creators, it is meant to symbolize America. This is a colonial building of those times that expands more and more just like the country does at that stage. In this slightly changing setting, we can see the numerous symbols of revolution, a hurricane, change in society, and so on! So, I hope you find these three facts enjoyable. If you’d like to continue the fun, I can suggest a few more music-related quizzes for you! Disney Characters Quiz One Direction Quiz  

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