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It’s nice to see fellow Hufflepuffs here! This House is often neglected, but I make no such mistake. People should recognize the beauty of this loving and friendly House. After all, where would we be in our lives without love and real friends? A lonely life is a sad one. Thus, let’s bring sunshine and positive energy to your day with this Harry Potter House quiz! A special Hufflepuff edition. 

For starters, let me say that Hogwarts Houses are incredible and it would be an honor to be sorted into one of them. I believe that all fans of the Wizarding world would support me in love for Hogwarts. If we magically receive an acceptance letter, any of us would rush to the platform 9 ¾ without a second thought. And no matter where we get sorted to, a chance to be a part of the magical world would overwhelm any resentment we have to a particular House or people. Heck, even if I were sorted to live in Snape’s office, you’d hear no complaints from me! At least, I could try introducing him to a shampoo. 

Anyway, I try to say that you can have positive experiences while being in any House. And the negative stereotypes mostly come from people anyway. With this thought in mind, let’s remember all those cool Hufflepuff students that prove the beauty of this beauty. (Small tip: you’ll see all of them in this Hogwarts House quiz.)
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 Newt Scamander 

Who can offer a more vivid representation of Hufflepuff than Newt? I think he is the epitome of the House. This particular wizard can be shy, but we still see how easily he gains new friends in New York even without trying to do so. This mage is hard-working and skillful, to the point that even Dumbledor recognizes his proficiency. Newt is exceptionally great with animals. Which, once more, proves his gentle yet firm nature. As animals do not trust easily and are even harder to tame, Newt’s achievements with the animal kingdom portray him as versatile and capable of great magic. And, while working with fauna, I suspect he’s learned a great deal about flora as well, which leads me to the next name! 

Pomona Sprout 

The Head of the House is really a pleasant cute lady until you think about the dangerous things she works with. First of all, students!!! Regulating all kinds of teens from 11 to 18 is a tremendous task. Second, mandragoras. Yes, we see students managing them in their second year, but these are only baby mandrakes. Mature plants can quickly kill a person if you are skilled enough. This woman openly opposed Dolores Umbridge, outed Snape in 1998, and participated in the Battle of Hogwarts. 

Teddy Lupin 

Remus and Tonks’ charming son with a tragic destiny to grow without parents makes my heart ache. We all would love to see this kid while growing up, but the short snipped of his life in the epilogue. The son of a notable marauder and just as extraordinary mother, Teddy is one of my fav Hifflepuffs. 

So, let’s begin this Hufflepuff quiz, hall we? 

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Have you gone through the Hogwarts Sorting ceremony yet?

Only the Kindest Hufflepuffs Can Pass This House Quiz Questions

harry potter house quiz Where was Helga Hufflepuff born?
  • England

  • Wales

  • Scotland

  • Ireland

harry potter house quiz Who was the best friend of Helga Hufflepuff?
  • Rowena

  • Salazar

  • Godric

harry potter house quiz Choose a trait that does not describe a Hufflepuff:
  • hard-working

  • fair

  • modest

  • resourceful

hufflepuff trivia quiz Scamander’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them was commissioned by ...
  • Scribbulus Writing Implements

  • Magical Menagerie

  • Flourish and Blotts Bookseller

  • Obscurus Books

harry potter house quiz What color are Hufflepuff Qidditch team robes?
  • lemon yellow

  • honey yellow

  • canary yellow

  • gold

hufflepuff test Does the Hufflepuff Quidditch team win in the very first match we actually see/read it participate in?
  • yes

  • no

hufflepuff trivia In what school year did Cedric Diggory become a Hufflepuff Quidditch team captain?
  • 1990-91

  • 1991-92

  • 1992-93

  • 1993-94

harry potter house quiz Helga Hufflepuff was known for her great skill in what kind of charms?
  • patronus

  • protection

  • housekeeping

  • food-related

hufflepuff quiz Who became Hufflepuff’s Seeker after Diggory was murdered?
  • Abbot

  • Rickett

  • Smith

  • Summerby

harry potter quiz What's the name of this Hufflepuff student?
  • Megan Jones

  • Hannah Abbott

  • Laura Madley

  • Susan Bones

hufflepuff quiz When is Pomona Sprout’s Birthday?
  • May 15

  • December 19

  • April 12

  • October 8

hufflepuff quiz Who was Ted Lupin’s girlfriend in 2017?
  • Roxanne Weasley

  • Victoire Weasley

  • Dominique Weasley

  • Lucy Weasley

hufflepuff trivia True or false: A Hufflepuff founded Hogsmeade.
  • true

  • false

hufflepuff trivia quiz Nymphadora Tonks was sorted into Hufflepuff in ...
  • 1984

  • 1985

  • 1986

hufflepuff quiz How do you get in the Hufflepuff common room?
  • tapping the top barrel, in the highest row

  • scratching the barrel two from the bottom, middle of the third row

  • tapping the barrel two from the bottom, middle of the second row

  • scratching the barrel two from the top, middle of the second row

hufflepuff trivia quiz Were both Scamander brothers (Newton and Theseus) in Hufflepuff?
  • yes

  • no

hufflepuff trivia quiz Bridget Wenlock is a famous ...
  • Minister for Magic

  • Potioneer

  • Seer

  • Arithmancer

hufflepuff trivia quiz What’s Nymphadora’s occupation?
  • Healer

  • Auror

  • Apparition Exminer

  • Curse breaker

hufflepuff trivia quiz What is Newt’s boggart?
  • his brother

  • Ministry of Magic

  • an office desk

  • a hurt animal

hufflepuff trivia quiz What are the magic properties of the Hufflepuff’s cup?
  • produces healing potion

  • enhances potion properties

  • creates the ultimate antidote

  • unknown

What's the name of this Hufflepuff student?
  • Zacharias Smith

  • Wayne Hopkins

  • Ernie Macmillan

  • Teddy Lupin

hufflepuff quiz What’s the name of a Hufflepuff Minister for Magic responsible for the establishment of the Department of Magical Games and Sports and the Being, Beast and Spirit Divisions?
  • Hengist of Woodcroft

  • Giffard Abbott

  • Hengist of Woodcroft

  • Grogan Stump

hufflepuff quiz Predominantly, Hufflepuff students are believed to be exceptionally good in what subject?
  • Transfiguration

  • Care of Magical Creatures

  • Herbology

  • Muggle Studies

harry potter house quiz What's the name of this Hufflepuff student?
  • Justin Finch-Fletchley

  • Ernie Macmillan

  • Zacharias Smith

  • Wayne Hopkins

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