Pokemon Quiz: Cath ‘Em All Questions


Are you a master Pokemon fan? How hardcore are you? Can you name more than a hundred Pokemon? Or how about 200? The most devoted fans have been playing and watching everything Pokemon-related since childhood. I hope that you are one of them. It would mean that you had plenty of time to appreciate the story and learn everything to d with this franchise. 

Pokemon is probably among the three video game and amine franchises in the whole world. It has millions and millions of fans around the world. You’d be surprised at how many people adore the series and seriously consider themselves hardcore fans. 

No, I know that not all fans are hardcore, but they still want to have some fun with quizzes. That is why I’ve created a quiz that would be manageable for newbie fans and simply for those with a bad memory. However, it’s not as quickly that the hardcore fans will get bored. I hope I’ve found the combination of intermediae trivia questions that will be possible to answer for everybody! 

Poken Quiz Rules


What are the rules of this Pokemon quiz? They are straightforward. You’ll be given a question with several possible answers. Usually four. But only one of them is correct. Remember that there is no multiple-choice question. 

Sometimes, you’ll be facing a “true or false” type of questions. This is a simple type of situation where your chance is increased to 50%. But I’m sure that you know the right answer 100% sure! 

Any Pokemon test wouldn’t be complete without at least one question about Pikachu. As a fan of the Pokemon, I’ve included it as well! Yes, this is the most popular type of these enigmatic creatures, but it truly deserves its status. 

I hope you enjoy the quiz and get the highest result on it!

But before you go, let’s check some facts for a bit to reminiscence on how important Pokemon is for our generation. 

Pokemon Trivia Facts 

pokemon quiz

  1. The first Pokemon ever designed was not Pikachu; it was Rhydon. Initially, it was a popular appearance in the game as well. 
  2. Originally, Koffing and Weezing were named completely different - La and Ny. Can you guess what lies behind the names? They were meant to represent the polluted air in New York and Los Angeles. 
  3. As of March this year, the franchise has sold over 380 million copies. That’s an impressive result. In fact, it’s only exceeded by Mario being the best-selling franchise. 
  4. Pokemon Go has set its own record as the most downloaded mobile game with over 1 billion downloads. 
  5. Pokemon is worth more than Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel. This is huge for a “child’s game.” 

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Written by Irene

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