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By: Denis Priesnov
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 Should I break up with my boyfriend? This is a question too personal to decide online.

However, love is blind, as we all know. And we often need an outside view of it. This test offers to check how your boyfriend treats you, his habits, and the general atmosphere in your relationship. Then, you’ll get the context information and will be able to decide whether you dump your partner or not.

Generally, a happy relationship doesn’t come with such a question. So, do you ask it yourself? Or are you here not intentionally? Anyway, this test will only take a couple of minutes but can uncover many disturbing things about your partner’s behaviour. Or, on the contrary, many positive habits and how cute your love is.

But what can be the reasons to break up with a boyfriend?
Some people with their partners for a long time don’t notice the issues.
Others can see them after a month together. So, let’s take a look at a few issues that can become a deciding factor (or a significant one, at least).
should we break up quiz

Abuser Red Flags

This is arguably the worst category of bad boyfriends. But unfortunately, you can get involved with an abuser even without knowing it. Sadly, many of them are experts in hiding this side until the victim falls in love and can turn a blind eye to many abuse episodes. And this is where such a quiz is of utmost importance. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Look for these signs attentively. If you notice many of them in your partner, you may need your friends and family’s help to break up. They are often possessive and controlling. 


This is a valid reason as well. Although it’s not as tragic as the last category, neither is this the case of clinical narcissism. There are just selfish people on Earth. And many of them don’t even suspect such behavior from themselves. However, an outside look can determine the instances where a person is selfish and highlight them. 
Whether to break up or not - you decide. 


I want to dedicate this category to boyfriends who are clearly using their partners. The disrespect is only one component. Such people don’t think of their partners as equals and either date for personal gain or to prove their might. 
Just take a moment to remember: is it always about them, are they not eager to help you at difficult times but always ask for the opposite from you, do they say thank you often? If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, he’s just using you. 
This is a sad situation - think about how you can change it comfortably. 

These are just three cases to think about. However, there are many personal reasons to break up with one’s boyfriend. 
After all, each relationship is unique and requires an individual approach. I just want to wish you luck in all your relationships, and love matters! 

Oh No! Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Quiz Questions

should i leave him quiz Is your boyfriend respectful?
  • overall, yes

  • not always

  • absolutely

  • not at all

should i leave him quiz Does he support you in your decisions?
  • yes, most of the time

  • only when suit his wishes

  • he rarely supports my decision, also criticizes

should i leave him quiz Is he a sarcastic person?
  • yes, all the time!

  • yes, overall

  • not really

should i leave him quiz Does he answer all your calls?
  • yes, most of the time, he tries to at least

  • he's often busy but always calls me back asap

  • no, not always

  • he often doesn't answer and rarely calls back

should i leave him quiz How about jealousy?
  • he's a very jealous person

  • he's somewhat jealous but it's cute

  • he becomes jealous very rarely

  • not jealous

should i leave him quiz Is he always happy about your success?
  • yes!

  • not really, he hides it but I see envy

  • he doesn't even try to hide his envy

should i leave him quiz Does he always know where you are?
  • yes, we know this about each other most of the time

  • I can't go anywhere without telling him

  • not always, but often

  • no, he rarely knows where I am

should i leave him quiz Has he ever hit you?
  • no

  • yes

should i dump him quiz How about verbal abuse?
  • unfortunately, yes

  • happens on occasion

  • only a few times when he was very angry

  • no, never

should i dump him quiz Do you discuss your issues when something bothers you?
  • yes, this is the only way

  • we try to, yes

  • we rarely talk

  • no, we don't openly and calmly discuss issues

should i dump him quiz Does he often lie to you?
  • I suspect yes

  • I know yes!

  • he does sometimes

  • yes, but rarely

  • not that I know of

should i dump him quiz How about yourself?
  • I do lie sometimes

  • yes, but rarely

  • no, I don't lie

  • yes, I lie all the time (sorry)

should i dump him quiz Does he often forget appointments with you or mutual events?
  • yes

  • no

should i dump him quiz Does he keep his promises?
  • yes, always

  • most of the time

  • rarely

  • no, he usually does not

should i break up quiz Are you often angry with him due to financial reasons?
  • yes

  • no

  • just sometimes

should i break up quiz Are you often on edge when with him?
  • yes

  • no

should i break up quiz Have you noticed feeling mentally unstable lately?
  • yes

  • no

should i break up quiz Is your comfort zone near your boyfriend?
  • yes

  • no, it's when I'm alone

should i break up quiz In the recent weeks (months), do you spend less time with friends and family?
  • yes, significantly less

  • somewhat

  • no, it's around the same

should i break up quiz Is he easily angered?
  • yes

  • no

should i break up with him quiz Does he care about you when you are ill?
  • yes, he's the best

  • it depends

  • he's supportive mentailly

  • no, not really

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