Compatibility Quiz: Is Your Partner Your Soulmate?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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If you are here for this Compatibility quiz, you already have a significant other and would love to find out whether you are perfect together or meh, right? Maybe, you are here just for fun? There is also an option to find out whether your friend would be your perfect other half! No matter why you are here, you need love in your life and treasure it more than others.

Deep down, you already know the answer to the question. This test is just a means to show you your relationship from a third-party perspective and highlight your own opinion of the relationship. A person always feels when they meet the right person. Even if we let them go, they stay in our hearts for a long time. And when you are with them, your heart fills with something warm and cozy. If you feel that to your current partner, you truly love them. No, it’s time to find out whether they feel the same in this quiz for couples.

Even though I mention “for couples,” there is no need to take it together with your partner beside you. You can answer all these questions on your own if you know your s.o. well enough. And if you can’t answer some of them, you get great tips for your next relationship discussion or a regular conversation.

Love or Passion?

Sometimes, people confuse true love with passion. The latter burns brightly but may just as quickly burn your connection to ashes. Sometimes, passion transforms into love in time. In most cases, it dies down slowly and irrevocably.
Compatibility Quiz

But is love possible without passion? Platonic? Sure? Romantic? Not so much. There are many people in our lives who we value and love platonically. Passion is absent, but the genuine connection remains. Even your soulmate may be a spiritual one if you believe in them at all.

For romantic feelings, passion is the fuel. It takes a supporting role but should be there anyway.
I believe that passion and love go hand in hand and should coexist. A genuine deep relationship is lacking without any of them. As a result, the strongest and deepest phase of relationships is when both are in balance.

What Makes Us Compatible

There are so many things that could determine whether a couple is perfect together or not. Starting from the sexual appeal to the deeper emotional responses, we all follow a set of our own beliefs and rules. Accordingly, our partner has to share them or, at least, understand.

compatibility test
Our characters are a significant player here. Some of us are incompatible together on the fundamental levels.

But even with all the natural factors in mind, no relationship will work if people don’t work on them. Love is a beautiful feeling, but it requires compromises, time, and effort.
And we are ready to check how well you operate together in this compatibility test, right?

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