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 Undertale is one of the most impactful indie games among fans. Though you may not think much of it at first glance, it bears an excellent story and engaging NPCs that make it so awesome. However, if you are here for the Undertale Quiz, you already know just how great it is. You are a big-time fan and can easily answer most of the Undertle trivia, am I right??? That’s what I thought! You already love the characters and know every little peculiar detail about the most loveable of them. By the way, who is your favorite Undertale character? And don’t say the protagonist; you cannot choose “you.” I’m talking about the NPCs. Unddertale offers us a great variety of creatures/cute monsters to choose from. Most of them are funny, some more than others. But what is your choice? I’ll start - Papyrus. This may not be an obvious choice, and many would prefer Sans, but this is where my heart lies. What about you? 

Undertale Trivia

undertale trivia
Now, let’s turn to the quiz in question. It covers the whole game and a few extra questions that fans know from Wiki or forums. If you want to get a badge of perfect Undertale knowledge, you have to answer all 23 questions correctly. Don’t worry, though - they all come with 4 possible answers. Among these options, only one is correct. I wish you all the luck in choosing the one true answer. At the end of this Undertale test, you’ll get one of three possible tiers based on the percentage of your correct answers and a detailed review of which of them are correct and where you lack some knowledge. To succeed, you need to know little details about characters, remember specific details about gameplay, and find various trivia facts in your mind. Now, are you ready to start this quiz? If so, good luck, and leave your score in the comments for inspiration. 

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undertale trivia quiz
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Undertale Quiz From the First Human to Best Fans Questions

undertale quiz We meet Sans at
  • Snowdin Town

  • Snowdin Forest

  • Snowdin Waterfall

  • Hotland

undertale quiz The Final Froggit never says
  • Creak, creak

  • Squeak, squeak

  • Woof

  • Robbit, robbit

undertale quiz The only location where you can sell stuff
  • Temmie Village

  • Grillby's

  • Ruins

  • Dog Shrine

undertale quiz To flee the fight with Undyne, your soul has to be
  • green

  • yellow

  • purple

  • red

  • Blank name

undertale quiz There is a grey version of Monster Kid that is called
  • Old Kid

  • Goner Kid

  • Emo Kid

  • Not Kid

undertale quiz Green soul color is for
  • kindness

  • love

  • courage

  • patience

undertale quiz Where can you find Alphys' Lab?
  • Hotland

  • Snowdin

  • Waterfall

  • New Home

undertale quiz The game's introduction melody is called ...
  • Just Friends

  • Start Menu

  • Once Upon a Time

  • Welcome Underground

undertale quiz Mad Dummy lives in
  • Snowdin Forest

  • Garbage Dump

  • New Home

  • Toriel's Laboratory

undertale quiz You can find this character following Undyne most of the time
  • Sans

  • Papyrus

  • Mettaton

  • Monster Kid

undertale quiz Orange soul color is for
  • bravery

  • dignity

  • integrity

  • justice

undertale quiz Light Blue soul color is for
  • perseverance

  • integrity

  • patience

  • justice

undertale quiz Yellow soul color is for
  • integrity

  • bravery

  • kindness

  • justice

undertale quiz How many humans have visited the Underground?
  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

  • 9

undertale quiz What character gives the protagonist a cellphone?
  • Papyrus

  • Toriel

  • Flowey

  • Frisk

undertale quiz What's the true name of the first human?
  • Roxie

  • Bonnie

  • Chara

  • Anna

undertale quiz The final boss of the True Pacifist Route is
  • Toriel

  • Chara

  • Asgore

  • Asriel Dreemurr

undertale quiz What can't you report for MTT NEWS?
  • basketball

  • photo frame

  • glass of water

  • game

undertale quiz When you try to name the human Sans, you get
  • Nope

  • Failed

  • Not Possible

  • Choose Wise

undertale quiz The first character the protagonist meets
  • Flowey

  • Chara

  • River Person

  • Moster Kid

undertale quiz If you want spaghetti, you go to
  • Toriel

  • Asgore

  • Papyrus

  • Alphys

undertale quiz Who says this: “I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days.”
  • Burgerpants

  • Toby Fox

  • Undyne

  • protagonist

undertale quiz Who says this: “Who needs arms with legs like these?”
  • Sans

  • Chara

  • Monster Kid

  • Mettaton

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