What Hair Color Should You Do Next?

By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 11 months ago
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Choosing a hair color is a daunting and fun adventure for modern people. As we’ve left the traditional bounds of natural colors and the limits of dye, only our imagination tells us how far to go. Do you want green hair? Done! Do you want to have natural highlights? Also cool! And so, you are probably here because you are looking for new hair color, right? If you are planning for the future, we can help you with the choice as well. This hair color quiz is meant to determine just how crazy you are ready to go with your color and which one would suit your personality best. Also, we do pay attention to your appearance. And while nobody can or should stop you from getting the hair of your dreams, certain hues may suit you better! 

Hair Color Testing 

what color should i dye my hair quiz
Note that this quiz doesn’t take into account your current hair color and how hard it will be to change it to the resulting one! It may take several visits to a hair salon to get it. Like, for example, going from a raven black to platin blonde is a long and tedious process. We are here not professional hair stylists and can’t tell you the whole process in detail, but we do appreciate their hard work and know a few things about color theory and so on. If you attempt to buy a dye on your own and change the color immediately, know you may become the next guest in Brad Mond’s videos! So, just be careful and better visit a professional. 

Hair Color Options 

hair color quiz
In this quiz, we’ve decided to include both natural colors and some bright alternatives There are also some unique alternatives. You’ll see! If you need inspiration, you can complete this quiz twice and combine the resulting color! Do highlights, layers, chunks, or anything else you think might look good. The whole purpose of this quiz is to encourage you to make changes that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. If you are unsure, this is your cue to go get wild and dye that hair! And don’t forget to complement it with a new haircut! Pink! Yes, we have it right in here! Where can you go without meeting people with pink hair nowadays? I know I had it a couple of times as well. Just like a couple of other options on the list! Honestly, people nowadays are used to any of those options. They’ve seen any color imaginable! So, don’t be shy! People will think you are beautiful anyway! No matter your gender or age, you need to fulfill those dreams! And changing hair color is one of the most exciting things! 

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