The Emotional Identity Test: What Emotion Are You?

By: Denis Priesnov
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 Different emotions may manifest more powerfully depending on the person because we all experience emotions differently.   
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If you ask somebody what are emotions, they are likely to list a handful of them and provide some examples without even thinking. They might not, nevertheless, be able to define it. Additionally, there are a plenty of them, but most people are only familiar with relatively handful of them. In actuality, there are many emotions; they are all sentiments that we experience every day. The Latin root "emovere," which is literally translated as "to move, to stir, to excite," is where the word "emotion" originates. It is not the easiest task to define it simply. It might be said to be one of the fundamental components of the human mind. Each person is unique and experiences emotions in different ways, some more frequently than others. However, every person does have a propensity to gravitate toward certain emotions more frequently or they may more strongly connect with a certain emotion. 

How Many Emotions Are There In Total?

 A natural instinctual state of mind resulting from one's surroundings, mood, or interactions with others is how the Oxford Dictionary defines emotions. There may be four to 34,000 emotions, depending on whatever psychological theory or research paper you cite—and neither would be wholly incorrect. Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about your emotions? Take our "Am I THE Difficult Person?" quiz to gain insight and understanding. According to a 2019 study that appeared in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, there are four different categories of fundamental emotions: joy, sorrow, fear, and rage. But when we delve a bit deeper, we see that although fear may include anything from anxiety to dread to panic, pleasure can include anything from joy to wonder to love. Additional study has revealed that there are 27 primary emotions, but psychologist Robert Plutchik, Ph.D., has established a well-known hypothesis that asserts that people are capable of feeling over 34,000 other emotions.   
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The Basic Types Of Emotions

Being Happy

 Being happy comprises a wide range of emotions, such as joy, inspiration, creativity, openness, and many more. There are, in fact, individuals who function from a joyful or other level of contentment, as Beurkens explains. She continues, "They live from a point of having more internalised delight and seeking the joy. Being Playful, Vibrant, Excited, Energetic and amused, all fall under the umbrella of happiness. 

Being Sad

 If you've ever heard the saying, "Depression is living in the past, anxiety is living in the future," this explains a lot. Beurkens claims that melancholy is frequently profoundly misunderstood. Beurkens points out "Many things that individuals consider to be sad in their lives are actually better described as grief. Depression is frequently sadness, regret, guilt, and wrath, all of which are related to things that have already occurred." All the emotions like loneliness, shame, guilt and regret are actually the part of being sad. 

Being Afraid

 Fear would be living in the future or, more specifically, a negative expectation of future occurrences, just as sorrow might be viewed as living in the past. As Beurkens clarifies "Some people may completely relate to being terrified of everything, frequently just very subliminally. They are unaware that fear dominates how they perceive and interact with the world and has become a part of who they are." Fear includes being insecure, helpless, embarrassed, apprehensive and anxious. 

Being Angry

 According to Beurkens, we might become angry so frequently that it starts to enter our mental processes unknowingly. Anger is described as "a strong sensation of irritation, discontent, or anger." A more tranquil person may be less emotionally reactive in that sense than an angry person, who may become readily irritated, confrontational, or belligerent. Being hostile, hateful, enraged, disgusted and annoyed come under the umbrella of anger. Curious to discover your personal aesthetic? Try out our "Aesthetic Quiz" and see what colors, patterns, and styles align with your personality. 

What Emotion Am I?

 Most human emotion tests are fairly random, which is a concern. But based on the emotion wheel, we have developed the first enjoyable and psychologically correct feeling exam. In Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, there are 32 fundamental and sophisticated emotions. So, regardless of how twisted up your emotions are, the test's results will be understandable. The human feeling tests might be really useful, even though it's merely quirky and entertaining to know which emotion you are. You may use them to assess your mental well-being and determine whether you're ignoring self-care. If the test indicates that you are a complicated negative emotion, it is time for you to put self-care first. In the event that it states the contrary, you are on the proper track and ought to carry on as before. Are you prepared to know what emotion are you? If so, hit the start button to get going! 

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