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Omegaverse includes: Alpha Beta Omega
These are the three prominent groups of people. But who are they? Omegaverse is also known as the a/b/o in fanfiction circles. This is one of the best-known tropes in fanfics. If you’ve been on or AO3, you’ve definitely seen this tag. Have you read any work set in this universe? I bet you have, and that is why you are here now! Ready to find out where you’d be a rutting Alpha or an Omega in heat. Or, maybe, you are just a regular human being? What result would you like more? If you are new to function and have seen this Omegaverse tag or the a/b/o one everywhere, I bet you need some basic explanation! And while this Omegaverse quiz will tell you which category is yours, you need to learn more about that fantasy world. 

Omegaverse Rules

omegaverse quiz
Basically, this is not a single world where the fanfics are set but the concept of societal and natural division. This concept can be applied to any fandom! In this universe, people express some animalistic tendencies. Some people are born Alphas. If you know anything about wolves, you can imagine the concept. An opposite category of people “gifted” by nature with being an Omega, a submissive and vulnerable one. Plus, the majority of people in such universes are usually Betas. These are either the regular people with no “gifts” from nature or the ones that combine the traits of Alpha and Omega; generally, they are considered neutral. In this trope, people are led by pheromones and animalistic mating habits. And this plays a prominent role in this type of fanfiction! 
Omegaverse (a/b/o/) is usually a fanfiction with erotic elements.
 Initially, this trope was introduced in the slash part of fiction (homosexual). Later, it spread to other categories. More on that further. 


 These are usually the strong people, natural leaders, and “top” in bed. They often are hot-headed and physically strong. Alphas possess traditionaly male qualities. Though, female characters can also be Alphas. And as the erotic part of the story usually includes knotting, an Alpha plays the male part in the process. Thus, in some stories, female Alphas come equipped with male genitalia as well. 


 This category is entirely opposite of Alphas (just like the letters in the alphabet.) Omegas are usually submissive, weaker, and can have lots of trouble on their ass just from being Omegas (and quite literally.) You see, Alphas go through episodes of rutting (similar to some male animals), which is more of a noisy horniness. But Omegas has often been “hunted” by the horny Alphas when the former enter into heat. This is because omega pheromones are quite strong and attract everyone around. And the poor Omega can’t live easily through their heat alone - this is quite an unpleasant feeling with sexual intercourse to alleviate the discomfort. 


 This is the more or less neutral group of the population. Each author chooses their way of assigning roles and traits to betas. Some are just regular people; others have characteristics of both Alpha and Omega but can actually control their cravings better. This is the most flexible category to write.

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