Do You Have a Dirty Mind Quiz?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 8 months ago
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 Have you ever wondered just how dirty your mind is? I just know that you are a little pervert! Want me to prove it? Eagerly! This quick personality quiz will easily determine whether you have a dirty mind or not.
If you are not afraid to learn your true character and how your mind actually works, I welcome you to test your skills.
Here, you'll face a set of riddle and personal questions that all come with a dirty subtext. Can you refrain from making a perverted assumption? Do you actually know the correct answers but still prefer that dirty response? No worries, you can be honest here. This is a safe place that knows how to keep secrets. For example, we already know your Sex Kinks (through a quiz, of course) and keep silent about them! You pervert. 

What Is Considered a Dirty Mind?

dirty mind quiz
A "dirty mind" is, of course, just a figural saying that is used to describe a person who thinks in terms of sexual innuendos at every opportunity. Do you recognize yourself? Then be ready for some lewd thoughts in the next several minutes! 
These questions are meant to confuse you with their double meaning. It's entirely up to you whether you fall under their charm or not. I guess you'll be able to resist some, but definitely not all. 
A dirty mind quiz is meant for entertainment purposes only. You've got one? Then enjoy the lewd fantasies your mind plays for you! No shame in having a dirty mind! On the contrary, don't feel left out if you don't have a dirty mind. It's just that your fantasies play in a different tune. 

How Many People Have Dirty Mind?

 Well, it's hard to estimate the exact percentage of people with a dirty mind due to the blurry definition of one and the hidden nature of the mind. However, anecdotal evidence says that most people have dirty minds!

Of course, we are speaking of the adult population here! Well over 60 percent even! So, you are not alone in your fantasies. And, overall, our minds get rather dirty as early as the start of puberty. So, the teens are way more knowledgeable than we give them credit for. Just remember yourself in those years! Ah, you get it now!

When the hormones hit, and we get to explore the "adult" topics, our whole worldview changes. What was previously a simple picture now gets another meaning. We finally get the hidden details in Disney and Pixar; we see sex-related subtext in many innocent instances, and so on. This is the latter that we'll check in this particular quiz. 

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