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“What has wings, an arrow, a diaper, and red all over?” 
As any respectable Ravenclaw, I’ll start with a riddle. Let’s see whether you are one of those wizards who lack logic and how soon you can get into the Ravenclaw Common room! The answer will be given after you complete this Harry Potter House Quiz! If you can’t wait to get to the solution, what are you waiting for? Get down to business and ace all the questions I’ve prepared to prove your skills!

If you’d like a bit of time to find the right answer, let’s talk a bit, shall we? 

As you’ve already guessed, I’m here to discuss Ravenclaw and the bits of this House we’ve been given. Have you thought about how little we know of Ravenclaw compared to other Houses? The movies did an incredibly awful jb showing this House. We ever see its Quidditch team, never hear anybody be sorted into Ravenclaw, and they’ve even stolen Padma from us! If that is not a crime, I don’t know what is. And don’t get me started on the merch that is always inaccurate. Ravens are beautiful and smart birds, and silver goes well with blue, but the fans require canon! 

The Magic of Ravenclaw 

Ravenclaw is a versatile House. It goes beyond and the wit and bookworm tendencies. This is also a House of creativity and individuality. And you better this bit of information for the Ravenclaw quiz that awaits you! We see different people in this House. We have the stereotypical cleverness and special love for books. Still, we also have sporty people in our Quidditch team, creative and eccentric dreamers, notable inventors, dueling champions, and some selfish “snakes” to add a bit of fun. The strongest side of Ravenclaw is its diversity.

How about we talk about the House’s notable alumni? I’ll share my top 3 with you right now, and you’ll be able to list them in the comment, deal? 

  1. Filius Flitwick. I know, I know! How can anyone but Luna be the creme de la creme of the lot?? I love Loony dearly, truly. But I’d like to praise the head of the House that quickly gains respect and love from all the students in the school. Prof. Flitwick is a talented wizard who commands respect even despite his blood status that some purists may find “undesirable.” He is a capable teacher but also more lenient than most. And he has a secret fun side and can relate to kids. Besides, this wizard teaches a vital subject for wizards that covers many different fields of use, is capable of transfiguration, defense against the Dark Arts, and more!
  2. Luna Lovegood. Yes, the beloved Luna is second on my list. I believe being friends with Luna can be the most exciting and entertaining relationship in your life. Besides, I have a strong suspicion that many of the things she “sees” are true, and people should not disregard her so easily. And she offers occasional bits of wisdom! She is friendly, loyal, and proud to be her authentic self! 
  3. The third place is a little trickier. There are several candidates. But I’ll go with Garrick Olivander for now. He is the master of wand-making, one of the first wizards we meet and interacts with, and he always seems to know something more, some intangible! Learning the craft and wandlore from the best is an opportunity no one can miss. 
Who are your favorite Ravenclaws? Please, share after this Hogwarts House quiz! Enjoy! 

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Only The Cleverest Ravenclaws Can Pass This House Quiz Questions

harry potter house quiz Where was Rowena Ravenclaw born?
  • England

  • Wales

  • Scotland

  • Ireland

What backpack would you choose?
  • harry potter quiz
Ravenclaws house trivia When did Rowena and her fellow wizards establish Hogwarts?
  • before 872

  • around 993

  • 1066

  • 1100

harry potter house quiz What’s the cause of Rowena’s death?
  • suicide

  • murder

  • an accident

  • natural causes

ravenclaw house quiz Filius Flitwick is a gifted wizard. Choose a skill he is not known to be proficient at.
  • conducting

  • charms

  • transfiguration

  • potioneering

  • duelling

  • DADA

harry potter house quiz Who stole Rowena’s diadem?
  • Helena

  • Bloody Baron

  • Salazar

  • goblins

ravenclaw house quiz How do you enter Ravenclaw common room?
  • use a password

  • answer a riddle

  • use a secret knock

  • press a hidden handle

ravenclaw house quiz Has a student of other houses ever entered Ravenclaw common room during the years of the book series?
  • yes

  • no

Ravenclaws house trivia What are the magic properties of the Ravenclaw diadem?
  • enhances the wearer's Seer abilities

  • enhance the wearer's wisdom

  • allows you to read people’s mind (without Legilimency)

  • unknown

ravenclaw house quiz Prof. Flitwick has another species mixed in his ancestry. What is it?
  • house elf

  • hag

  • troll

  • goblin

ravenclaw house quiz In what year did Cho Chang was admitted to Hogwarts?
  • 1990

  • 1991

  • 1992

ravenclaw house quiz Which of these people was not sorted in Ravenclaw?
  • Cho Chang

  • Garrick Ollivander

  • Ignatia Wildsmith

  • Bridget Wenlock

ravenclaw house quiz Which of these people was not sorted in Ravenclaw?
  • Marietta Edgecombe

  • Millicent Bagnold

  • Theseus Scamander

  • Lorcan McLaird

ravenclaw house quiz Gilderoy Lockhart is an unlikely Ravenclaw with fake achievements. How was he as a student?
  • dumb and lackig for a Ravenclaw

  • an above-average one

  • surprisingly brilliant

Harry Potter quiz Where did Voldemort find the Ravenclaw diadem?
  • Albania

  • Austria

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

ravenclaw house quiz Which Patil sister is in Ravenclaw?
  • Padma

  • Parvati

ravenclaw house quiz The only known Ravenclaw Quidditch team captain is ...
  • Duncan Inglebee

  • Cho Chang

  • Stewart Ackerley

  • Roger Davies

harry potter house quiz How did Rowena Ravenlaw react to the disappearance of the diadem?
  • she was sad but relieved to be rid of it

  • she was sad but relieved to be rid of it

  • in silent grieving, concealing the loss

  • angry, she sent Baron to retrieve it

ravenclaw house quiz Who were Ravenclaw prefects in Harry’s 5th year?
  • Cho Chang and Marcus Turner

  • Padma Patil and Marcus Turner

  • Penelope Clearwater and Chester Davies

  • Anthony Goldstein and Padma Patil

ravenclaw house quiz Which of these is not a Ravenclaw Common room entrance riddle?
  • Which came first, the phoenix, or the flame?

  • No matter is parched, no matter if rolled. No matter if magic, no matter how old.

  • Where do Vanished objects go?

ravenclaw house quiz Which of these traits is not associated with Ravenclaw?
  • wisdom

  • flexibility

  • creativity

  • acceptance

ravenclaw house quiz Who is Luna's husband?
  • Neville Longbottom

  • Dean Thomas

  • Rolf Scamander

  • Seamus Finnigan

ravenclaw house quiz In the school year 1992-93, Ravenlaw beat Hufflepuff in Quidditch, what big was the gap?
  • by 50 points

  • by 90 points

  • by 100 points

  • by 130 points

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