Will This Riverdale Quiz Be Easy for You?

By: Denis Priesnov
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 Which Riverdale do you like most - the old from papers and drawn comics or the new mystic one of the popular teen TV show? Personally, I prefer the modern adaptation better. But only because these two are completely different genres. Honestly, how can you compare the two. Besides, if you weren’t alive at the original times of Archie publications, you are young enough to still watch and enjoy teen shows.

And this is why you are here, right? To check how well you know the series and Riverdale residents. And this quiz will tell you just how profound your knowledge is.

Riverdale Quiz for True Fans

Are you an avid Riverdale fan? Have you watched all the episodes and await the upcoming season? Then, you’ll surely enjoy the quiz. It focuses mainly on the events depicted in the show. However, you should also know a bit of “extracurricular” information about the series and the franchise overall. When you love a fandom, you research everything about it and dedicate your attention outside of the main medium.

Overall, an average viewer should be able to answer most of the questions right and get to the top results tier! You’ll know how many questions you got right at the end. Also, the results page will show you exactly which of them you’ve missed.

Are you ready for trivia that will test your love for the show? Are you ready to remember the most memorable moments of all the seasons?

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What to Do After This Riverdale Test?

I know how addicting online quizzes can be. You can never stop after the first one. They engage you in impressively long sessions of procrastination. No matter what tasks you need to do.

And so, I’ve decided to offer you a set of similar quizzes that can be of interest if you’d like to dedicate another half an hour to simple and relaxing fun. All the suggestions will be based on popular TV series as this is what has brought you here.

Supernatural trivia - it’s just logical that anyone interested in Riverdale would also be a fan of Supernatural. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it! If you have, welcome to another mystical trivia.

Can you survive the Squid Game? - this is one of the recent tests. If you know about Squid Game, you have to take this test. Even if you haven’t watched it. It will determine your chances of surviving this game irl.

Criminal Minds trivia - if you love solving detective stories and want to take a look at the psychological work of FBI, Criminal Minds should be your first choice! If you’ve seen all the seasons of the show, prove just how well you remember all the characters and unsubs.

These are the top three quizzes that I’d recommend after Riverdale. However, you can check the TV show category for more options as well.

Will This Riverdale Quiz Be Easy for You? Questions

riverdale quiz Archie's dad owns a
  • construction company

  • diner

  • supermarket chain

  • book store

riverdale quiz What Riverdale season has the least number of episodes?
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

riverdale quiz Riverdale's biker gang is called Southside
  • Bears

  • Coyotes

  • Serpents

  • Beetles

riverdale quiz Which of these characters was never an official member of the gang?
  • Jughead

  • Cheryl

  • Archie

  • Veronica

riverdale quiz What's the title of the very first Riverdale episode?
  • A Touch of Evil

  • The River's Edge

  • Heart of Darkness

  • In a Lonely Place

riverdale quiz Who's the leader of The Farm?
  • Edgar Evernever

  • Evelyn Evernever

  • Alice Smith

  • Marigold

riverdale quiz What supernatural creature does Toni become?
  • Baba Yaga

  • Undead Amazon

  • La Llorona

  • Medusa

riverdale quiz What's the name of the gang Toni and Cheryl create together?
  • Vicious Vipers

  • Southside Vipers

  • Pretty Poisons

  • Scary Judy

riverdale quiz Riverdale's slogan:
  • The Town with Pop's!

  • When the Night Falls

  • Don't Wake the Serpent

  • Where Your Dreams Come True

riverdale quiz At what age did Jason die?
  • 16

  • 17

  • 18

  • 19

riverdale quiz What's the title of season 1 finale?
  • Anatomy of a Murder

  • The Sweet Hereafter

  • La Grande Illusion

  • The River's Edge

riverdale quiz Who is older: Jason or Cheryl?
  • Jason

  • Cheryl

riverdale quiz Who plays Jughead?
  • Dylan Sprouse

  • Cole Sprouse

riverdale test Who plays Alice Cooper?
  • Mädchen Amick

  • Vanessa Morgan

  • Marisol Nichols

  • Nathalie Boltt

riverdale test What song do Archie and Valerie sing together?
  • Keep Me Close

  • Never Leave

  • I Got You

  • When I Need You

riverdale test If you see Jughead in a sweater with a letter, it would be ...
  • J

  • S

  • B

  • A

riverdale test The Pussycats drummer -
  • Josie McCoy

  • Valerie Brown

  • Melody Valentine

  • Veronica Lodge

riverdale test Which of these people was not a Black Hood victim?
  • Fred Andrews

  • Geraldine Grundy

  • Moose Mason

  • Chad Gekko

riverdale test Who/what was hidden in the Thistlehouse chapel?
  • Jason's body

  • Poppy

  • an ancestral knife

  • Julian's bones

riverdale test What foreign language can Veronica speak?
  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Italian

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